Chief Stephen Osita Osadebe - Osondi Owendi (1984)
Called the “Doctor of hypertension” for the sweet and soothing nature of his songs, Chief Stephen Osita Osadebe’s music cut across the length and breadth of Nigeria and even those who did not understand the Igbo language enjoyed his rhythms.Acclaimed for his sonorous voice and Igbo lyrics, Osadebe released over 100 records including singles,extended and LP’s. He passed away 11th of May 2007. X


This blog was built out of anger as an expression of love. This blog is for me, a real full-figured woman who loves to eat and loves my body as a way to celebrate what makes me ME.

After spending two years in Nigeria and listening to people constantly criticise one thing or the other, I just think enough is enough. No more this what you want me to be or this is how it ought to be. This blog is a space for how it is.

This is me; I am ready for the new phase.